Hostages TV Recap10/14/13 Season 1, Episode 4 “2:45 PM”

By on October 15, 2013
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Hostages continues with Brian, Ellen’s husband, starts asking/bugging her about their plan to escape.


Flashback to their realtor showing them the home four years earlier. Ellen wants to make a bid, but Brian wanted to negotiate.

Flash forward: Ellen is making muffins, burns herself. The agents give her the med kit so she can treat her own burn. Ellen slips a scalpel out of the medical kit and into her pocket. Carlisle is washing his hands at the sink and doesn’t see.

Jake and Morgan are leaving for school. Ellen drives them and sees she’s being tailed. Ellen tells the kids about the escape plan. They’re escaping that day to Canada. The plan is to slip away after their lunch break at school. Ellen will meet them at the bus station.

Ellen arriving at the hospital, sees candles set up for Angela. Flashback to five months earlier, Angela coming in saying she heard the news about Ellen performing surgery on the President. Ellen says she wants Angela to be part of her surgical team.

Agents packing up some stuff at the house. Carlisle says she has to go see Nina at the hospital so Beardy Agent has to tag Brian.

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