Martha Stewart Slams Bloggers Saying They Are Popular But Not Experts #whoarethosebloggers

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Martha Stewart may just have bit the hand that helps feed her.  Slamming bloggers in an interview with Bloomberg Television, Stewart clearly does not have a high regard for those same bloggers she has in her advertising network.

Martha stated,

“Who are those bloggers?  They’re not trained editors at Vogue Magazine.  Writing recipes that aren’t tested, that aren’t necessarily very good. Or are copies of everything that really good editors have created and done.  Bloggers create a popularity but they are not the experts.”

Stewart may have a point with regard to recipes not being very good but the same can be said of a recipe you find in a magazine.  Recipes do not have to ‘formally’ tested in a special kitchen to be good.

Martha calls bloggers popular but says that doesn’t make them experts.  Does being an editor of a magazine make one an expert?  Bloggers are popular and some of them are even experts in their niche.  Martha has even gone as far as using bloggers crafts on her website (without properly crediting the website she took it from). If they aren’t experts, why is she using their ideas?

Bloggers have long been the wicked step-child of the media, not getting the respect they deserve. That has more to do with the inability to afford a public relations person to help promote their ‘expertise’  than anything else.

The backlash has already begun against Martha with Bloggers leaving her ad network.  Ironically when invited to her ad network to help promote her business and fill her pocketbook, the invitation said,

“We are selecting new partners who share our dedication to editorial excellence, our passion for food, home, crafts, wellness, or gardening, and who are tastemakers in their fields.”

Zippy Sandler, the owner/editor of Champagne Living, took to facebook to express her thoughts on what Martha had to say,

I’m saddened and disgusted by her words, and attitude towards the writers that work with her, supply content to her social media and sites, and have hosted her ads on their sites.

Zippy was a member of Martha’s ad network, but quickly removed the ads from her website, after hearing what Martha had to say.

What do you think about what Martha said about Bloggers? Let’s show Martha just who those bloggers are by using the hashtag #whoarethosebloggers.

Check out the video of Martha’s interview on the next page.

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46 Responses to Martha Stewart Slams Bloggers Saying They Are Popular But Not Experts #whoarethosebloggers

  1. sue says:

    When her show first came out, I would sit and watch her and many times, I would be ranting at her “holier than thou”, pompous, arrogant attitude. My children would ask, “Why are you watching her?” Well, I used the analogy of people slowing down to watch an accident or a train wreck. People are curious and want to know what is happening and least you all think I am ghoulish, I REFUSE to look at an accident scene. My point is, we all like to learn and try new things and I could recognize that Martha had some good ideas and helpful tips. Frankly, I felt that she was punished for the same crimes that many MEN commit but was punished because she is a woman and many men hate powerful women, still. I was born in the ’50′s children, so I have experienced the Women’s Movement first hand… (gosh, am I an expert? :-)) Martha has the qualities of an entrepreneur and I don’t think many of them have the temperament that so many of the average bloggers have: kindness, empathy, good will, resourcefulness, and good manners. She has bitten the hand that feeds her empire and has turned off many people who once were fans. I always said that I would like to visit her farm, view her collections and even eat her food, but not WITH her. Sorry, Martha, you may be an “expert” but no one wants to play with you.

  2. Vicki Winters says:

    Have you seen this? “One Blogger’s Amazing Takedown Of Martha Stewart”
    Looks like I’m a heroine to all my Blogger Friends. You’re all the best! Keep up the great work that we all do for our LOVE of what we do. Not for the $$$, like some people we know…

  3. Who are those VOGUE Editors that are Recipe Testing? See my video request for Martha’s Apology.

  4. Jessie says:

    Martha is right, to a certain degree. Bloggers are borne on all different levels. Some are experts while others are novice enthusiasts that that tow the informational line. Some blog material requires expert knowledge, and some doesn’t. It all depends on the the subject, the blog, the blogger.

  5. Daniella Franken says:

    Do you want to know How-to be a stupid?
    DIY with Marta Stewart!!!

  6. Tammie says:

    While I do enjoy Martha Stewart and her ideas and home “helping” items, lets be real!!!!!! SHE HERSELF WAS A BLOGGER!!!!!!! Maybe not the kind she is talking about today, but she was blogger in another time, when blogging was not on the internet! There are NO EXPERTS in crafts or home decorating or cooking…..we are all experts in our own families and homes because we are all different! What works for your family may not work for mine, however it is great that we can now share our ideas and maybe help someone else! Shame on Martha!!!!

  7. Dee at the Carlton says:

    Oh dear – she is starting to believe her own hype that her staff surround her with. What some bloggers lack in expertise & refinement, they make up in enthusiasm & passion & that is what draws people to their blogs – sincerity, dedication & a feeling that you connect! Few bloggers claim to be an expert but many have fine tuned their expertise & skills & are humble enough to pass on their knowledge ….

  8. Helena says:

    I’m a blogger…I may not have a big following, but what I share is my own creations and poetry and as for my recipes, I also have experts testing them…their called family! I think Martha needs to take a manners course. ツ ღ ஆєℓєηα @ Memory Box Creations

  9. Arlene Gianelli says:

    Well, she might be rich, buy money can’t buy class.

  10. Arlene Gianelli says:

    well, she might be rich, but money doesn’t buy class.

  11. Lisa says:

    Women needed Martha in the 80′s! We were all trying to make the same money as men do and wearing suits with shoulder pads that looked like we were men. She let know that there is value in domesticity and it is ok to make pie once and a while. but she has slapped her name on so many products it just looks like good old fashioned greed now. What foolish comment about bloggers, does she think I need her to tell me who is an expert and who is not?

  12. Sonja Davis says:

    OH MARTHA MARTHA MARTHA… when will you ever learn that there was a time when you were first starting out and you too were NOT an expert.. I bet there are a lot of Bloggers out there that are much better than you are, since they do all their own crafting, cooking, gardening etc. while you have that army of people doing those things for you… why insult others because they don’t have a TV show like you do, they don’t have a bank account like you do, and they don’t have a magazine like you do.. you were just in the right place at the right time.. it could have been any one of them instead of you… and your snotty attitude is going to be the downfall of you!! While you are working on all those new DIY projects, perhaps you need to work on a new DIY for an attitude adjustment!! remember what Confucius said “Those who stick nose in air, Drown when rain”….

  13. Sharon says:

    With all the money she has she has yet found a hairdresser that can make her hair look any good on her. And who can afford her stuff, $20 for one cookie cutter, who are you kidding, a cheap glass will cut cookies out and go to any thrift store and buy them for 15cents a piece and make wonderful cut out cookies. I am not a blogger but lover reading some of them and since I hate to cook I read recipe and say wow that looks yummy and go on to my box mac and cheese. You girls keep up the good work and don’t let this snob put you down. <3 bloggers

  14. Vicky Topping says:

    Ooops! Is Martha off her meds again! There she goes with that Goddess complex! Martha claims that every good idea ever invented is hers, even things my grandmother was doing (long before Martha was old enough to steal her first recipe)!

    Martha Stewart doesn’t represent REAL women — that’s why she’s intimidated by them.

    Shut up Martha — It’s a good thing.

  15. Linda says:

    Well if we all had an army of helpers like she does.. We could be her. Don’t let her rile you so much bloggers.. You are the real people, she is the one that is billionaire.

  16. Cecelia Anderson says:

    Sometimes we go so far up the ladder, we forget our humble beginnings. One of the things that always charmed me about Martha was that she didn’t set out to be the all knowledgeable guru, she actually kind of stumbled into it. Don’t bite or smack the hand that has admired you over the years. I love my craft, sewing and cooking bloggers, I get the most wonderful and timely ideas. Martha I still love you, but you were wrong on this one. These are your admirers not your competition.

  17. Margo Converse says:

    I prefer bloggers and never cared for Martha Stewart! Do you have to have a degree? Magazine or tv show to be an expert? Martha has a STAFF to help her with all the know how she shows, one person alone does not do this on their own!
    I’m 61 and have been a crafter, cook, gardener, and do it yourself person before the bloogers and Martha became the Guru of EVERYTHING! Only wished I had internet to blog the things I did!

  18. Emily says:

    I’m with Libby. I’ve never been much of a fan. And now I have another reason to avoid her.

  19. Kathe says:

    #boycottmartha May her staff receive the recognition they deserve for all of their creativity she claims as her own!

  20. art is beauty says:

    here is my feeling on the whole MARTHA thing…..after much discussion with my fellow follower friends.
    MY feeling is this …. BLOGGERS show attainable goals, things that the average person can do…Martha shows you how to POLISH your SILVER or how to grow a veggie garden on 10000 acres…This is not the normal…but she is so out of touch with NORMAL that she has no clue what the average person wants or a project that a REGULAR person can do on there own. We do not have employees or cooks or caterers…we show you how to DO WHAT YOU CAN WITH WHAT YOU other words we are EXPERTS at MAKING DO…. and making it BEAUTIFUL… She can have her world….I LOVE mine…

  21. Kathy says:

    I have followed Martha ever since her first book’ Entertaining’ was published in the eighties! Not once in all of the ensuing years have I had a recipe from one of her books and/or magazine turn out edible, and I am considered a fine cook by family and friends. I have enjoyed recipes from lots of bloggers and enjoyed reading them as well. Perhaps Martha can’t accept that these young women in this generation have fantastic, creative and truly original ideas! Martha doesn’t like competition! So I stopped buying her magazine a longgg time ago, and I’m sticking with bloggers!

  22. Xavier says:

    Bloggers are popular but not experts, hmmm I guess I could say the same of Martha Stewart. I don’t get what’s so upsetting about this… it’s just an offhand comment – I say worse than that everyday.

  23. Dave Bettin says:

    Perhaps Martha should remember her humble beginnings. At least some of us are not out there to make money from what we do here.its not always about the money Martha. its about people helping people and doing for others..Giving back by taking time to share everyday ..sincerely Dishing with Dave

  24. Anne-Marie Murray says:

    She claims to be this hospitality expert. Far from it. If it wasn’t for some of us “common folk” that used to follow her and buy her products and her egotistical bull s**t she wouldnt have the empire she has today. Obviously she has used people to get to where she’s at. I have more respect for bloggers because they are mothers, homemakers, they show respect towards thier friends, have true family values, and appreciate the following they have on thier blog sites. Sorry Martha Stewart that we can’t all be perfect like you. And I have tried the expertly tested Martha Stewart recipes and they are no better then what I can put on my table.

  25. Comments like this remind me of just how powerful bloggers are. Martha doesn’t threaten our businesses, but we certainly threaten hers. Print media moguls are seeing a dent in their financials from our creative content and unique voices. They can’t compete with our mobility and lack of overhead. We’re truly a force to be reckoned with.

  26. Lourdes says:

    As much as I like “Martha Stewart” let’s face it – she is no expert either, did she go to design school or culinary school or does she have a degree in landscape design or botany??? When she started her business there was no internet and if there would have been, she would have started off blogging as well and maybe or maybe not reached the success she has now. It’s really unfair and very arrogant of her to make comments like that about bloggers. I follow many design blogs that are created by very talented women with great taste and great sense of design and are happy to be able to share their passion while still being able to take care of their families without going to an office for a “9 to 5″ career. This does not make them any less “expert” than Martha Stewart! Martha, once again you prove what a snotty rich person you are and what a sense of “entitlement” you have! I feel sorry for you!

  27. carolyn Yoders says:

    Martha needs to pull her head out of her ass!! Quit acting like queen of the world, someone is bound to climb up that high horse and knock her off!!!

  28. Judy says:

    This woman continues to amaze me with her rude and arrogant comments. I read “Just Desserts” years ago and it really shows the kind of person she is. She’s a money hungry grubbing individual and I can’t believe anyone admires her. Many years ago my daughter and I enjoyed watching her show and buying her magazines but like I said, that was many, many years ago, long before she became a convict! How does she even stay in business? I don’t know one single person that has anything positive to say about her. Good luck Martha, you’re going to need it!

  29. Cynthia Stewart says:

    I certainly have never considered Martha Stewart an expert. I’ve never seen her do anything I couldn’t do and already do at home with the exception of the expensive things, which I just didn’t have the money she has to accomplish some of her decorating ideas. She was just very lucky and in the right place at the right time. She has always been ill tempered and just down right nasty to the people around her. I try to avoid watching her or subscribing to anything she is writing. I watch people that create things that the everyday person can do and that don’t cost an arm and a leg. So bloggers ignore her and keep up the good work in your on area of expertise. I would find it no loss at all if she were not even on the scene.

  30. Marie says:

    That is just her opinion, doesn’t make it true. Too often, these “famous” people open their mouths without first thinking, then when the poop hits the fan and they loose business, you see and hear them apologizing. It’s only common sense to remember that we “bloggers”and common people are the ones who buy your products and watch your shows. There are so many incredibly talented people in this world who may not have the resources or means to have their talents or creativity recognized but at the end of the day it doesn’t make them any less talented or creative. These are gifts that people have and foolish statements and opinions won’t change that. “Keep calm and carry on!”

  31. Nancy says:

    I can NOT believe that woman would have the nerve to speak *down* to anyone. I never cared for her OR her products. I have baked/cooked since I was a teenager and as far as I’m concerned….WE are the experts because WE know what we like and what we don’t like. Normally I don’t respond to articles, but this one just irked me. I find more joy and *better* ideas on the many WONDERFUL bloggers out there than I’d ever find on her show/magazine/KMart. She needs to go into another line of work….try politics. She’s pretty good at lying and putting others down. She’d fit right in. =)

  32. Paula B. says:

    Long time fan of Martha’s, however, her arrogant comments should have a negative impact on her business and her reputation. I had to chuckle at the words regarding blogger recipes: if you go on her site and look at many of the comments for desserts, in particular, there are many negative reviews. Was anyone baking those recipes and actually taste-testing them? Comments often cited inaccuracies or difficulties with the recipe and/or ingredients. Seems, also, a poor time for MS to be alienating her followers when her Sirius radio channel has been replaced with a few hours of air time while her television show lost its second home on the Hallmark channel. And, I can’t think that the magazine can do without maintaining readers????

  33. DeJennette N Cardin says:

    “We can cook without your assist. I’m 67 yr. and I have cooked all my friends and families and their famlies for many yrs and for you to stated that we are not trained, you are rude and a disgrace to the public after all the things you did over the year stabbing people in the back to get to the top…. well tell me how many of the average person have you feed and prison doesn’t count. You don’t prepare our meal so don’t judge what you know nothing about.

  34. Laurelie says:

    Such fun, imagine her living in a ” Real world” situation? This woman may give orders well, but doing it all, and by herself? Sorry, No one likes to be talked down to, and she is one person who I have seen do this all the time. Watched her show a few times, but will not ever again. Will not buy her products either.

  35. My resume speaks for itself so Martha’s out-of-her-ass comments don’t reflect on me, my work or my blog. However, as a designer I’ve never appreciated anything she’s brought to the design table (or attempted to take away from it). In fact, the only thing I’ve ever agreed with her on was our choice of dogs. Smooth move Stewart.

  36. Robin says:

    She’s no expert either! If not for all my wonderful bloggers, I wouldn’t be able to do anything!!! She is & always has been very wealthy. I just can’t afford to do the things she does & I sure don’t appreciate her saying those things! She must be losing money to the bloggers who help us so much! GOOD! LOL
    Bloggers are my lifeline!!!

  37. MommyJenna says:

    Excuse my language but Martha Stewart has always acted like a pompous ass. I might have a staff to do my work but guess what? I’m also not a convict that had to serve time behind bars. Martha, you’ll always be a criminal and that discredits anything you have to say to me.

  38. Heather says:

    This really bothers me that Martha Stewart says this. Who exactly would she consider to be an expert? Hopefully not herself seeing as most of what she knows she learned from others and so she teaches or informs based off what she knows. Bloggers do exactly the same thing without making millions from it, especially in the area that Martha works. I’m sure her “expertise” about farming came from her farm hands. A test kitchen? A real test kitchen is a family who let’s their mom know if they think she did a good job. I follow many blogs and many of the women who write these blogs are writing from personal experience and give me and other readers ideas from how they do things. They aren’t telling us we have to do things their way or that their way is the right way. There’s no “fact” to it. Blogging is all about opinion and personal experience. I’ll take a blogger’s opinion over her opinion any day!

  39. tammy says:

    I have learned more from bloggers than from Martha’s shows and magazines combined. When I see her recipes I think “who eats this crap” and why does she make them more difficult than they should be. So whose in your test kitchen Martha? Could it be that you made friends with some prisoners while you were there and they do exactly what you tell them to do.

  40. Carrie says:

    I still enjoy getting the MSL magazine every month, but by no means am I idiot enough to think that MS herself does all of this – ever. I’m not wealthy ( by any stretch of the imagination). I don’t have a staff of ump-teen people working for me. I don’t have property all over the place, and by golly, I’m thankful for that. Who in their right minds would want all that expense and all those bills? I lost a ton of respect for MS after seeing this article. Not because I ever thought she cared about much more than her bank account, but rather because she verbally assaulted almost every single blogger that has ever taken even 1 minute of their time to help her. Bad taste Ms. Stewart. Very bad taste indeed!

  41. I was never a fan and now I’m glad I wasn’t. What she is doing is lumping all bloggers together and assuming we are all the same which is a form of prejudice. There are many bloggers that are not experts and there are many that are, just as there are many people of every occupation that are good and bad at their jobs. How can she make a blanket statement that bloggers are not experts. Has she read every blog?

  42. Libby's Library says:

    I’ve never cared for MS. I even have a sign at my front door that says “Martha Stewart Doesn’t Live Here!”.

  43. Annemarie says:

    This is really surprising. I was at a conference and Martha talked about how important bloggers were and how she respected them so much… Hmmm I guess the truth is out, what a faux pas by Martha…

  44. Amber Edwards says:

    WOW! She just keeps stepping in mud and smearing it all over the place! She lost my respect years ago with her legal fiasco. Now she’s smearing bloggers what are actually HELPING her? I don’t think so! I wouldn’t work with her. I wouldn’t use her network. I’m disgusted by her comments as well.

  45. Dawn Sandomeno says:

    Oh Martha! Yes, bloggers are popular because they post creative, useful and REAL content that resonates with their readers. Bloggers really make their own recipes and feed them to their real families, while working real jobs and driving real kids to school and sports. We don’t have teams of food stylists, set designers, and test kitchen chefs or the budgets for them. But then again, neither do most people – maybe that’s why they love our crafts, recipes and party ideas!

  46. Camille says:

    Not a fan, never have been and this is why. She’s not your average homemaker by any means. I don’t have a staff, a farm, or multiple homes. I have a small town home, two kids, a husband and three cats. I never claimed to be an expert on anything – that’s the beauty of it! If I can do it, anyone can – even if you aren’t Martha Stewart!

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