Supernatural Recap 10/8/13- Season 9 Premiere- I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here

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“Supernatural” is back for a ninth season and it is going to be one amazing year. In case you forgot, this is where we left off: Moments before Sam was prepping to complete the last trial, which according to Naomi, could kill him, Dean convinces him to stop. Castiel returned to Heaven only to find… Naomi’s dead body.

supernaturalMetatron subdued Castiel and takes the last ingredient of his spell, grace, making him human. The Man of Letter’s storehouse identifying numerous supernatural activities throughout the globe, as Castiel, Dean, and a badly injured Sam watch as millions of angels fall from the sky. And the was just the season finale, if you can even believe that.

As the ninth season begins, Sam ends up collapsing. Dean, in return, sends out an emergency plea to the angels in the area. But will they hear his cry and accept his plea to help Sam?

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