Video: Restless Road Sings “You’re Gonna Miss Me” on The X Factor

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The X Factor returned for the third round of the four chair challenge and three singers were eliminated in the Top 40 cut, but brought back by Simon Cowell to be a country “man band,” Restless Road.

Contestant: Restless Road (This is one of the groups that Simon put together.)
Song: ”Somebody Like You” by Keith Urban
The Critiques: (I am dubbing this my second favorite act.) Kelly said that they’re “an incredible country trio,” and dubbed putting them together “a completely brilliant idea” while Paulina called them amazing.
The Decision: Simon said that one of his most nerve-wrecking experiences on the show so far was waiting for these three guys to decide whether or not they were alright with being a group, because he was so certain that it was going to work out – he just needed their blessing. Unsurprisingly, Simon decided to give these three gents a seat, which fills up his Four Chairs – for now. The rest of his group will be performing tomorrow night!

The X Factor Recap 10/9/13 – The Four Chair Challenge #3

The final four girls have been chosen and so have the final over 25 contestants.

Watch Restless Road’s X Factor performance on the next page!!

One Response to Video: Restless Road Sings “You’re Gonna Miss Me” on The X Factor

  1. Gail says:

    Your singing just warmed my heart, I wanted to jump up on the bed and dance, but since I’m nearly 60 years old, I held back and just danced on the floor. I hit the rerun button seven times and watched over and over!!! Great job guys!!!

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