Video: The Voice Josh Logan vs. Michael Lynch: “Harder to Breathe” 10/21/13

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The Voice - Season 5

The Voice Battle Rounds continued on Monday night with teammates Josh Logan vs. Michael Lynch going head-to-head performing ”Harder to Breathe” for Coach Christina!!

JOSH LOGAN VS. MICHAEL LYNCH: A little tidbit- Josh was on “Rock Star Supernova” back in 2006 but lost. “Harder to Breathe” by Maroon 5 is the song that they will be singing. I thought I would pick Josh but my pick is Michael though they both looked like they were struggling to remember the words. Cee Lo: enjoyed both of them but thought Josh sounded just like Adam; Blake: really enjoyed the energy, no wrong choice; Adam: this is his song so he is excited and thought that it was really fun, would pick Josh; Christina: thought they did a great job and that they made it their own. CHRISTINA’S PICK: JOSH.

The Voice Recap 10/21/13- Battle Rounds, Night 3- Season 5

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