By on October 6, 2013
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The Weekend Top Ten Box Office movie was Gravity soaring to number one, while Runner Runner merely walked.

'george clooney in gravity'

1. Gravity/Warners Wknd/$ 55.6 Total/$ 21.5
2. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 Wknd/$ 21.5 Total/$ 60.6
3. Runner Runner/Fox Wknd/$ 7.6 Total/$ 7.6
4. Prisoners/Warners Wknd/$ 5.7 Total/$ 47.9
5. Rush/Universal Wknd/$ 4.4 Total/$ 18.1
6. Don Jon/Relativity Wknd/$ 4.2 Total/$ 16.1
7. Baggage Claim/Fox Wknd/$ 4.1 Total/$ 15.2
8. Insidious 2/FD Wknd/$ 3.9 Total/$ 74.8
9. Pulling Strings/LGF Wknd/$ 2.5 Total/$ 2.5
10. Enough Said/Fox Wknd/$ 2.2 Total/$ 5.4

Gravity opens deservedly at number one and its 90-minute runtime should be a lesson to the studios in this time of year of bloated, overlong Oscar bait: less is more. It’s basically Sandra Bullock and George Clooney as two astronauts struggling to survive in orbit in the wake of a space shuttle disaster (caused inadvertently by the Russians and given it destroys the space shuttle, the International Space Station and a Chinese space station, if they make it may just be to die in World War III). Though it’s technically five hours, it’s essentially told in “real time” so we’re a party their decreasing air supply increasing the tension factor, not to mention the shrapnel that destroyed their mission continues to circle the earth, returning like an angry metal swarm intent on their destruction. I liked this movie so much I forgot I was even watching Sandra Bullock, whom I normally avoid like the plague. She’s like a more talented, less-annoying Julia Roberts (seriously, if this had been Roberts I might not have seen it). This makes 2013 a great year for her between the success of The Heat and now this surefire Awards bait. I almost feel bad for her given she can’t eat between now and the Oscars for all the gowns she’s going to have to fit into for the various award ceremonies she’ll have to attend.

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