The X Factor 2013 – Meet Danie Geimer Bio and Videos from Season 3

By on October 14, 2013
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Danie Geimer has made it into the top 16 contestants on The X Factor season 3.

Geimer is a 15 year old girl from California who seems to have a very big future in music. Geimer’s music impressed the judges so much that she is now one of the final four girls who made the top 16. Danie is a self proclaimed book loving nerd who loves neuro science.

Danie is excited to be on The X Factor since she wanted to show all the people who step over her in the hallways of school to know they’re “tripping over a star.” And though she has dreams of being a neurosurgeon, she says that’s just a “backup” for her real hope of being a singer.

When she’s not singing or studying neuroscience, she loves to read and play softball.

How does she feel about getting on X Factor? She can’t describe her feelings. There is only one direction for her to go and that’s up.

How will Danie celebrate being in the top 16? She went to sleep and planned on reading a book.

Danie will join Khaya Cohen, Ellona Rano Santiago, and Rion Paige Thompson on the ‘Girls’ team, which is being mentored by Demi Lovato.

Learn more about Danie and watch her X Factor Videos on the next page!  Meet all of the X Factor 2013 semifinalists!!

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