Exclusive Interview: Alex and Sierra from The X Factor Talk About Judges Criticism, Fashion and More!

By on November 7, 2013

With The X Factor contestants having to perform again, due to a technical glitch on last night’s show, November 6, 2013, we had a number of questions as to how the performers were feeling. We had the opportunity to ask Alex and Sierra a few questions about the ‘re-do.’ Below you will find the interview and what Alex and Sierra shared with us.

'interview with alex and sierra from the x factor'

HUH: How do you feel about having to perform again with so little notice?
A & S: We’re confident with our song choice. We really love the song we have chosen and are actually excited to be able to sing it without being in the bottom two. However there is quite a bit of pressure to be on point and super prepared with only one day to do so.

HUH: Given a 2nd chance – what will you be doing differently during tonight’s performance?
A & S:We’re really going to try to connect to the audience as much as possible. We felt really good about last night, and got a good reaction from the in studio audience, so hopefully if we can do tonight what we did last night we’ll be alright.

HUH: Are you doing anything different to prepare for the show tonight versus last night’s show?
A & S: We’re just really making sure we keep our heads in the right place, staying calm, and reassuring each other with the fact that we know the song and are comfortable with the song.

HUH: How did you decide on the song you will be singing tonight?
A & S: The song tonight is one of our favorite songs by one of our favorite artists, and its a pretty desperate song. Under the pretense that this would be a “save me” song we chose a desperate and emotional song, so we hope that it translates well to the audiences at home.

HUH: How do you handle the criticism from both your mentor and the judges?
A & S: Any time we get criticism we take solace in the fact that we’re getting advice from some of the greatest and most successful people involved in the music industry. Their criticism is like gold, and we’re grateful to be able to hear what they think of what we do.

HUH: A number of our readers love the fashion choices – how do you decide what to wear for your performances?
A & S: We like to have fun and be comfortable in what we are wearing. As long as our outfits reflect our song and who we are then we’re happy.

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What do you think of Alex and Sierra’s answers? How did you like their performances so far??

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  1. Lily

    November 10, 2013 at 1:50 pm

    They need to just go home. Their lovesick couples’ routine has gotten old and quite annoying.

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