The Biggest Loser Recap and Results 11/12/13 Season 15 Ep. 5

By on November 12, 2013
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The Weigh-In
Alison greets the teams to the weigh-in and reminds them that it has been two weeks since the last weigh-in.  Tonight the person with the lowest percentage of weight loss will fall below the red line and be automatically eliminated!! automatically eliminated.


Bob – Blue Team – 87 pounds 5.70%
Holley: 315-19=296 lbs.
Chelsea: 215-13=202 lbs
Matt: 315-21=294 lbs
Bobby: 317-19=298 lbs

Hap: 363-15=348 lbs

Dolvett – Red Team – 58 pounds 5.59%

Jennifer: 236-12=224 lbs
Rachel: 216-18=198 lbs
David: 347-13=334 lbs
Tanya: 239-15=224 lbs

Jillian – White Team – 52 pounds -4lb. disadvantage=48 lbs. 4.37%
Tumi: 280-13=267 lbs
Marie: 225-12=213 lbs
Jay: 244-13=231 lbs
Craig: 350-14=336 lbs

Craig was automatically eliminated, because he fell below the red line with a 4% weight loss!!


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