Elizabeth Olsen on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart 11/18/13

By on November 19, 2013
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Jon Stewart offers updates on Obamacare and stories from the gay community, and interviews Elizabeth Olsen on Monday’s new Daily Show.

Barack Obama has been having a tough time in the past few months. He got booed at a basketball game the other day, and Stewart compared that controversial Toronto mayor Rob Ford still getting cheered at public appearances. His popularity among news shows will tell that he’s now on a level equal to George W. Bush. Stewart showed a couple newscasters comparing the Healthcare.gov scandal to Hurricane Katrina. While Stewart said he was not defending the Obamacare bill, he did stress how insulting it is for a failed website to be compared to a catastrophic event that killed scores of people. Of course, there were some saying the inverted version of that – that Obamacare is worse. One FOX Newscaster said that Katrina “only lasted a week” while Obamacare could be a struggle lasting a few years.

To talk about the lunacy of comparing Obamacare to Hurricane Katrina, Stewart brought out Jason Jones, Samantha Bee and Al Madrigal. They each gave their own disasters from the Bush presidency that they would rather compare it to, whether it made sense or not (Madrigal’s comparison to the Iraq War was that it was an avoidable and reasonless mess years in the making). Because there were so many choices, Jones compared Bush’s mistakes to Elvis’s impact on rock and roll. “Bush was the Elvis of presidential f**k-ups.”

Stewart said he would compare Obamacare’s layout to Bush’s layout of Medicaid D, a failed healthcare implementation that was re-worked and fixed. The correspondents all told him how stupid that was.

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