Exclusive Interview: The X Factor Ellona Santiago Talks Singing, Fashion and More!

By on November 12, 2013
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The X Factor contestant, Ellona Santiago, is a fan favorite and for good reason.  The contestant has been singing her heart and her fans are loving it!!

'ellona santiago sings baby love'

Due to a technical glitch on last week’s show, November 6, 2013, Ellona and the other 12 X Factor finalists  performed again on November 7, 2013.  We had the opportunity to ask Ellona a few questions about the ‘re-do.’ Below you will find the interview and what Ellona had to say about her experience with The X Factor so far!!

HUH: How did you feel about having to perform again with so little notice last week?

Ellona:  I felt really pressured and nervous. It was a good thing that the song choice I had was one of my favorites and close to my heart. It just worried me a bit because the song “Titanium” did have very high notes and even low notes that are very challenging to hit. Also I was worried that people might be too tired to vote again since they voted the night before. But I realized that if they’re truly your fans and supporters they’ll help you all the way.

HUH:  Did you do anything different to prepare for the second “revote” show versus the first one?

I think the big difference would be the little time we had to prepare. I had to do some vocal rest for a few hours. But I also had to keep rehearsing and made sure I did not forget the lyrics of the song. I listened to my recorded rehearsal track a lot also.

HUH: How did you decide on the song you wanted to sing the second time around?

The song “Titanium” is close to my heart. It has a very strong message. It defined me. It’s like I’m in a battle even though I love every single contestants, we’ve grown like a family, I also know this is a competition. And this has been my dream. So there’s nothing that can hold me back or put me down. Also, I heard the tragedy that happened in the Philippines which killed more than 10,000 people because of the super typhoon and leaving survivors homeless, hungry, and injured. I was inspired and felt it was uplifting to sing a song that’ll motivate people to not lose hope and never give up.

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