Jennifer Lawrence on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart 11/21/13

By on November 22, 2013
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Jon Stewart discusses Thanksgiving, the nuclear option, Jessica Williams gives tips to black shoppers, and an interview with Jennifer Lawrence on Thursday’s new Daily Show.

Majority leader Harry Reid was in the news today, as he “launched the nuclear option.” The phrase heard around the news today is actually just a new law that states that filibusters only require fifty-one votes to be stopped, instead of the previous sixty. It seems minimal, but it will allow for legislature to pass more quickly, and it means that presidential nominees cannot be blocked by filibusters (Obama’s last three have). Stewart called the law’s passing the “Hiroshima of voting.”

Stewart switched gears here, turning to some Thanksgiving woes. Nearly every major chain store is opening earlier than ever for Black Friday, from KMart to Toys R Us (as well as some lesser known ones Stewart provided, like “The Vinegar Store,” “Just Gerbils” and “F**k a Bear Workshop). Wal-Mart will be open for forty-one straight hours. “If someone tramples you for a Furby Thursday morning, they don’t find your body until Friday night.”

Butterball has also come out and announced that there might be a shortage on their biggest turkeys. This led to one of the more bizarre segments the Daily Show has done in recent memory, with Stewart interviewing a large Butterball turkey on his hand, via split-screen. The turkey, which kept accidentally falling onto both screens, said there’s a shortage because turkeys are losing weight to look good. This was before Stewart attached a carving knife to it’s wing, with the turkey threatening to carve anyone that comes near it.

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