Survivor: Blood vs. Water Recap 11/6/13- Season 27, Ep. 8- Skin of my Teeth

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“Survivor: Blood vs. Water” really has a way of showing what is more important: blood or money. If you missed any of last weeks episode, we have your complete recap right here.


Last week, three players returned from Redemption Island and the newest castoff, Kat could have swapped places with her boyfriend. Even though he said that he would go into the RI challenge, she declined. In the end, she felt that he would be better in the game in the long run. That was her downfall as she was sent home. There is the one all female tribe with one male where Laura aka Rupert’s wife blatantly told the sole man left that he was being voted off. That did not happen as she was the one sent packing to Redemption Island.

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