Tom Brokaw on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart 11/20/13

By on November 21, 2013
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Wednesday’s new Daily Show sees Jon Stewart talking with Tom Brokaw, discussing Trey Radel’s scandal, and clearing the air with the city of Chicago.

Last week, Jon Stewart went spent a segment of his show insulting Chicago’s deep dish style of pizza. The clip has since gone viral, and many Chicagoans took offense to it. Stewart showed some newscasters calling his segment a “rant,” a “tirade,” with one man insulting his “cheesy New York accent.” “Apparently Chicago has television,” Stewart remarked. He said that the Twitter world was predictably harsh, and he showed one tweet that read “F**k you Jon Stewart for saying deep dish pizza isn’t pizza. Die.”

Rahm Emanuel, Chicago’s famously combative mayor, sent the Daily Show a deep dish pizza from Chicago. In response, someone at the show filmed a Vine of the pizza getting offered to a dog, with the dog turning away from it.

Jason Jones filmed a short field piece for this segment, with Matthew Broderick, Steve Buscemi and Michael Strahan giving their love for New York pizza. Jones claimed New York pizza is magic, and used it to give the ability to walk to a wheelchair-bound man, to help someone correctly navigate the website, and to turn Al Madrigal into an attractive, blond woman.

Finally, Stewart was joined by a Chicago pizza maker, who came all the way to New York to deliver a pizza. He pulled out a deep dish pie, cut Stewart a slice and gave him a fork and knife (which left Stewart dumbfounded). He eventually had to admit it was great, and declared a truce between him and Chicago via the pizza maker. He ended by insulting California pizza instead.

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