Watch: Rihanna 2013 AMA’s Receive ‘Icon Award’ from her Mother, Bill Maher and Jay-Z

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Rihanna was honored with the first-ever Icon Award at the 2013 AMAs on Sunday night!!

2013 AMA Red Carpet Photos!!

Bill Maher introduced 25-year-old super star, calling her “the voice of our generation,” he then showed a mesmerizing tribute video — a look back at Rihanna’s career!! This was followed by a video message from Jay-Z telling her how proud he is of her.

Rihanna’s mother, Monica Braitwaite, then came out on the stage to hand her the award, and she gave an emotional speech for her daughter!! Watch Rihanna receive the Icon Award on page 2!!

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2 Responses to Watch: Rihanna 2013 AMA’s Receive ‘Icon Award’ from her Mother, Bill Maher and Jay-Z

  1. RationalReasoner says:

    Scumbag? you mean Rational?

    Highly educated Laurie. (roll eyes) Please enlighten the world and explain how ones success was not possible without the insertion of a [god], (and which one was used?) and tell us all the methodological processes in place that this [god] or [gods] used to aid Rhianna in her success.
    The best part in this is one can ‘remove’ [god] and the result is the same.

    Let it be clear that anything accomplished had NOTHING DO TO WITH ANYTHING other than Rhianna’s actions. No Invisible Pink Unicorns, No [god] or [gods] or Hands coming out of clouds. Anything otherwise is irrational.

  2. Laurie says:

    Sorry Rhianna. I spelled her name wrong. And I want to see the video of the scumbag Maher or is it Mahr? ‘s reaction to her mom thanking God and Jesus.

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