Beyonce Pregnant, Tom Cruise to Marry Again and More 2014 Celeb Predictions

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With 2014 around the corner, psychic predictions for celebrities are out there – and more ridiculous than ever.


Topping the list of ridiculous predictions is Bradley Cooper and Miley Cyrus dating.   This is one couple that is highly unlikely, beginning with the fact that Cooper would need to know how to twerk. Bradley Cooper and twerking don’t even belong in the same sentence.

The NY Post had additional predictions that don’t take a psychic including:

- Sandra Bullock will adopt another child

- The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, will have another baby

- Tom Cruise will get married again, to a woman in her 30′s and they will have a baby girl.

- The Olsen twins will return to show business when their fashion empire goes bankrupt.

- Beyonce will be pregnant

We have some predictions of our own:

- Miley Cyrus will continue to stick her tongue out and twerk way too much

- Justin Bieber will continue to ‘threaten’ the beliebers with his retirement

- Snooki’s baby book will become a bestseller

- Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis will continue to make headlines regarding their alleged engagement (This has come true – read about their REAL Engagement here.)

- Jennifer Aniston will be pregnant at least another 10 times -(Also true only Jen is pregnant with twins this time)

- Brad Pitt will continue to pine over Jennifer Aniston, despite being with Angelina Jolie

- Khloe Kardashian will date a minimum of 5 professional athletes, before getting pregnant and leaving the baby daddy

-Kim Kardashian will stop posting ridiculous gifts on Instagram, hoping people will stop mocking her

- Kendall Jenner will have a nude photo accidentally leaked on the internet

- One Direction’s, Harry Styles will continue to be seen with beautiful women, despite rumors he also likes men

- Paul Walker will continue to remain dead, despite rumors of his death being a hoax.

What celebrity predictions do you have?


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