Confirmed: Fast & Furious 7 Will Continue Filming Following Paul Walker’s Death

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Paul Walker will live on the big screen one last time. Following the Fast and Furious star’s tragic death on Nov. 30, Universal Pictures; the studio producing the seventh installment of the Fast franchise, announced that they were halting production of the film indefinitely.

Already disheartened by Walkers’ untimely death, fans of the actor as well as the films were also mourning the potential end of an era.

But on Friday, Fast and Furious 7 director James Wan gave those fans a bit of hope. While leaving LAX airport Wan spoke to TMZ regarding the unfinished film’s fate. He confirmed that although production is currently halted, filming would resume in the near future, and that the cast and crew would finish Fast 7 in its entirety.

While everyone surrounding the film has been dealing with the loss of Walker, it’s clear that they all want to continue moving forward and honor “Brian O’Conner.” An insider says, “No change. People are still dealing with it. Studio is trying to do the right thing while keeping the franchise going as well.”

Paul Walker died on Nov. 30 when the car he was riding in burst into flames, after losing control and slamming into a light pole. He was 40 years old.

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