The Daily Show with Jon Stewart 12/5/13 with Jorge Ramos

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Jon Stewart discusses fast food workers, talks with John Hodgman and interviews Jorge Ramos on Thursday’s new Daily Show.

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Fast food workers across the nation went on a one day strike today, for higher minimum wages. The current minimum wage is $7.25 an hour, and there is a growing movement to raise it to $15. Naturally, the move was criticized across financial programs.

One analyst said he does not want too much of an increase in “government assistance,” even though the government has no involvement in this transaction. Another analyst said that the increase is bad because fast food jobs are meant as starter jobs, that they aren’t life-long. Stewart then showed “super-sized” arguments, with a whole number of analysts making the sarcastic argument of “Why stop at $15? Why not raise it to…” with each giving a higher amount. “We could all live like kings! Burger kings! Stewart joked.

Stewart then zoned on Stuart Varney, a FOX Business Network anchor. In one clip, he asked an analyst about the economic side of the increase, rudely saying that he “gets that” about the human element. Stewart compared this to the beginning of “A Christmas Carol.” In the same argument, he asked the analyst to “make a moral judgment” about teens in fast food jobs. “Oh, I’m making one.” Stewart said.

Finally, Varney and another analyst have taken on the new anti-capitalist target: Pope Francis. The Pope has spoken out against the way trickle-down economics hurts the poor, and these analysts are criticizing them. “He helps the poor for a living!” Stewart shouted. One analyst said free-market capitalism is at the right hand of the Lord, which the Bible itself says is a direct contradiction.

Stewart said that he shares an opinion with Varney. They both agree that there should be a limited pay for people who “shovel unappetizing, unhealthy s**t to the American public, we just disagree about who those people are and where they work.”

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