Ian McKellen on the Daily Show With Jon Stewart 12/2/13

By on December 3, 2013
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Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart gives an update on Obamacare, hosts another installment of Gaywatch, and talks with Sir Ian McKellen on Monday’s new Daily Show.

Even with a week off, the opening story on tonight’s Daily Show was Obamacare. The website is finally running successfully, and can hold 50,000 people at once. Stewart joked that the only fault left is that sometimes hands reach through the computer and start strangling users.

Because the website has been faulty for so long, it comes with obvious criticism from the right. One clip Stewart played was from Rick Santorum, who said of the website, “the information coming out the back end is garbage.” Santorum’s name is famously synonymous with a messy sex act, and Stewart said he feels bad because Santorum has to watch every sentence that comes out of his mouth.

Another pundit was talking about a cheaper form of healthcare, one that should cost as much as a $29 iPhone, which begged Stewart to question where he gets his iPhones. Stewart said the only ones at that price are Chinatown’s Snapple yPhones, that come with Irritated Birds and Root Ninja.

But the pundit also mentioned how healthcare should be in the private sector, so Stewart checked in on how the private sector did this weekend, on Black Friday. Many people were injured throughout the nation, and a labor protest led to the arrest of a man in a Santa suit. It’s bad when Santa gets arrested at a labor protest, Stewart said, because “the man runs an elf sweatshop.”

Wal-Mart’s website crashed due to heavy traffic, and Wal-Mart is in the private sector. When their site crashes and there’s people injuring each other in stores, they call it the most successful Black Friday they’ve ever had. Although Stewart has been critical of Obamacare, he had to point out the double standard there.

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