Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Get Counseling – Vow to Marry in 2014

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It looks like the headlines about Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux having relationship problems may have some truth to it.

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The couple reportedly had counseling to get their troubled relationship back on track. According to the Daily Mail a ‘friend’ spoke about Jennifer and Justin’s relationship saying,

“Jen and Justin love each other. They are fully committed. They had hoped to be married by now, but work commitments this year meant their plans went astray. They have had some counseling. They both regret not spending more time together this year and they’re determined that next year will be different.”

The relationship has been put under the microscope by fans, asking if Aniston and Theroux will even make it down the aisle. The couple had a tough year with their work schedules and having a bi-coastal relationship. They plan on starting 2014 off right by spending it together in Mexico.

What do you think about couples going for counseling before they even get married? Do you think Justin and Jen will make it down the aisle?

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