LifeProof nüüd iPad mini Case Review

By on December 16, 2013


LifeProof – the name says it all!!  I recently received a nüüd LifeProof case for my iPad mini and as a huge fan of LifeProof products, I am thrilled.  The sleek design, unparalleled protection and  superior quality makes LifeProof cases the only choice for my technology.

I don’t know about you, but I have enough to worry about, so thinking about keeping my phones and tablets safe is just something I don’t have time for.  That is why, for the past three years any new gadget in my home gets a LifeProof case.  These cases are everything they claim to be, while still looking great.  My 12-year-old daughter has a LifeProof case on her iPhone; the case and phone remain intact – if that isn’t a test for quality I don’t what is. In the past year that phone and case have been in pools, oceans, showers, slammed into many hard objects and have had every beverage spilled on them.

For my iPad mini, I chose the nüüd LifeProof case, which defends my mini from water, snow, shock and dirt, without needing a screen cover.  That way, my tablet’s sensitive touch and brilliant display look, feel and respond just as they were designed.

Employing a system of integrated gaskets and seals, nüüd forms a waterproof seal around the touchscreen’s perimeter. Sealing to the actual touchscreen keeps my case completely waterproof, without the need for a screen cover.

What all this really means is that you can touch your device’s actual touchscreen — yes, touch it! And, it’s still backed up by LifeProof’s legendary four-proof protection. This incredible advancement in technology makes LifeProof nüüd the next revolution in smartphone and tablet protection. Unlike any other case design on the market, nüüd is case protection reinvented — brilliance revealed.

  • Waterproof seal protects iPad mini and opens screen to direct touch
  • You can touch the actual touchscreen
  • Zero visual interference, glare, loss of contrast or saturation
  • Completely waterproof, drop proof, dirt proof and snow proof

I believe LifeProof cases’ will not only meet your expectations, but will exceed them – as they have with me!!  Check out the full line of LifeProof products at!!

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