Revenge Photos: Emily Thorne’s Wedding Shoot with Daniel Grayson

By on December 4, 2013
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The big wedding on the television series, Revenge, between Emily Thorne and Daniel Grayson is set to take place on Sunday,  December 8, 2013.  Emily played by Emily Van De Camp and Daniel played by her real life partner, Josh Bowman make a beautiful bride and groom.


The couple dress in their wedding attire for a fashion shoot prior to the wedding.  The stunning wedding gown is not the actual gown that Emily will be wearing for her big day.  The big day that almost didn’t happen.  Daniel was having second thoughts after his ex-girlfriend came into his life, but Emily, got wind of her fiance’s straying and faked a pregnancy to get him down the aisle.

Emily Thorne has finally achieved her aim of marrying Daniel Grayson in her attempt to bring down the Grayson family for the wrongful imprisonment and eventual death of her father. Prior to her and Daniel’s big day, Emily VanCamp’s character Emily and her husband-to-be, are seen posing for a high fashion bridal photoshoot.

It’s no surprise, the photos are stunning!!

We have the photos from the fashion shoot on the next page.

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