Sharon Osbourne Slams Brother on Facebook – Now Fears for Her Life

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Both Sharon Osbourne and her husband, Ozzy, took to Facebook to air some of the family’s dirty laundry.  In the rant, Sharon is speaking to her brother, David Levy, who likes to profit off of his sister and her family by selling stories to the tabloids.


Sharon and Ozzy have had enough and are not going to take it anymore. The last straw for the family is Levy trying to profit from Jack Osbourne’s MS. Sharon wrote,

‘Since 2007 you have decided to make money off our dysfunctional relationship. You sold a two-part story to The News of the World and another story the Sun. Now, you appear again, having sold a two-part story to the Daily Mirror, claiming you want to help Jack with his MS. That’s as low as it gets, making money off my son’s MS. Jack was diagnosed in 2012, where have been the last 18 months? You know how to reach me. You know how to reach the Osbournes.’

It seems through the years that Sharon has helped her brother financially but also suffered financially at the hands of their father. Sharon said,

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