Did Dean McDermott Cheat on Tori Spelling Because He is a Sex Addict?

By on December 28, 2013

Is Dean McDermott a sex addict?  It is being reported that Tori Spelling is claiming her husband of seven years wanted sex all the time. Every day. Even after she had been up all night with a baby, according to RadarOnline.


Was Dean pushed into the arms of another woman because he needed sex and couldn’t go a day without it?  Emily Goodhand broke the news she had a sexual fling with Dean McDermott, after Dean claimed his wife wouldn’t have sex with him.  Or did he really mean, his wife wouldn’t have sex with him every day?

Claiming to be a sex addict could help to save his marriage, if in fact he did cheat on his wife.  A couple of weeks of rehab and then Tori Spelling could go back to pretending she has a picture perfect marriage and family.  Tori is trying to maintain the portrait of ‘the perfect family,’ by taking to her website and telling everyone what an amazing Christmas she had with her husband and children.  Is she in complete denial?  Or is it only rumors of infidelity?

Dean has a spotty reputation when it comes to being faithful.  He cheated on his first wife with Tori and ended up divorcing her and marrying Spelling.  Again, he was away from his first wife and needed sex?

What do you think? Does Dean McDermott have an addiction to sex?

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