Watch Alex & Sierra Sing “Say Something” on The X Factor 12/4/13

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THE X FACTOR: ALEX & SIERRA performs 11/27/13

This week on The X Factor Alex and Sierra had two songs to sing.  One song was to channel their inner Diva and the other song was referred to as ‘unplugged.’

The X Factor 2013 Recap 12/4/13 – The Top 6 Performance videos!!

Contestant: Alex and Sierra
Group: Simon’s Groups
Song: “Say Something” by A Great Big World
The Critiques: Kelly said she loved the performance, while Demi commented on the fact that they seemed so connected and didn’t look away from each other the entire time. Simon wrapped it up saying that it “wasn’t just the best performance of the night [because it was] but it’s [his] favorite performance of the entire season – it wasn’t just a performance, it was a record.” Wow.

Watch Alex and Sierra Sing ‘Say My Name’ – their first song tonight on The X Factor 12/4/13

Alex & Sierra sang  “Say Something” by A Great Big World for their unplugged song choice.

Watch the Video on page 2!!

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