The Bachelor Juan Pablo Didn’t Pay Child Support – Deadbeat Dad?

By on January 8, 2014

Women everywhere are swooning over The Bachelor, Juan Pablo. He’s sexy, sweet and a loving, doting father to his daughter, Camila Valentina. Simply perfect.


Not so fast….is it possible Juan Pablo isn’t so perfect and didn’t pay child support for his daughter on time? Or at all? ¬†According to The Bachelor’s bio on ABC, Juan Pablo is the furthest thing from a deadbeat dad.

“Refusing to be an absentee father, Juan Pablo put his dream of soccer aside to focus on a more important goal, raising his daughter, Camila Valentina Galavis. Juan Pablo took his responsibility as a new father seriously and began a new career in sports and entertainment consulting. Despite the success at his new career, Juan Pablo and Carla came to a realization that after two years, sadly, they were not meant to stay together.”

According to the National Enquirer, the magazine we frequently refer to as not the most reliable of sources, court documents were uncovered that show Juan Pablo was ordered to pay back child support in May 2011 and his pay checks have been garnished. His employers were required to automatically deduct $243.94 per month for child support, plus $49.00 per month for retroactive child support until the outstanding balance of $3,574.57 was paid.

Despite not paying for the love of his life, Camila’s upbringing, Juan Pablo and his baby mama, Carla Rodriguez have an amicable relationship.

What do you think about Juan Pablo not paying child support? If the bachelorette’s knew would they still want to marry him?

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