The Bachelor Juan Pablo Week 2 Recap 1/13/14 – Spoilers Who Was Eliminated?

By on January 13, 2014
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Meanwhile, the free-spirited Lucy causes a stir back at the mansion when she decides to go topless in the hot tub over the objections of her new roommates.

The Bachelor whisks away another lucky bachelorette, Kat, by private jet to a surprise location of Salt Lake City, Utah. He surprises his date mid-air when he changes into a glow-in-the dark athletic outfit – complete with a neon heart – and then gifts her with her own sparkling sporty ensemble. When they land in Salt Lake City, they are led to the starting line of the “Electric Run “ – the world’s premier nighttime 5k run. The two are surrounded by hundreds of enthusiastic runners, but will Kat survive the chaos and make it to the finish line to accept Juan Pablo’s rose?

Next, 13 women are ready for their group date – Nikki, Andi, Christy, Chantel, Lucy, Victoria, Kelly, Elise, Chelsie, Alli, Cassandra, Lauren, and Renee. Kelly received the group date rose. Victoria drank too much at the hotel after party and doesn’t return to the mansion with the rest of the girls. She ends up staying at the hotel. Juan Pablo visits her at the hotel the next day and tells her it’s best that she goes home.

The group date is a photo shoot that benefits “Best Friends Animal Society,” an organization that focuses on the plight of animals in need. Each bachelorette is assigned a dog and takes a photo with the pup and Juan Pablo. However, when several revealing costumes are unveiled, Andi has second thoughts about whether they should continue with the shoot.  She is a lawyer and believes that posing virtually naked is not good for her career and is just very uncomfortable for her.  When she tells Juan Pablo, he tells her he will pose naked with her.  Lucy rushes to help Andi and the three of them pose “au natural.”

At the evening’s after party, Victoria steals the spotlight when she has a meltdown over not getting one-on-one time with Juan Pablo and derails the night.  She has a total breakdown in the bathroom and when Juan Pablo tries to speak to her she refuses.  She is drunk and out of control.  She tells the producers she wants to go home – now.  Since they can’t book a flight at that moment, they put her up in the hotel until the next day.  This is definitely not someone you want to help you raise your child.

Juan Pablo visits Victoria in the morning and while he tells her he forgives her for her behavior, he tells her she needs to go home.

Finally at the cocktail party, the pressure is getting to the women. Single mom Cassandra isn’t sure she made the right decision to leave her son to try and find love with no guarantees of a happy ending. Will Juan Pablo be able to dry her tears and eliminate her fears? The drama ramps up at the rose ceremony and at the end of the night, 15 women remain in the chase for Juan Pablo’s heart.

Sharleen apologizes to Juan Pablo for how she reacted when she received the first impression rose, saying she was completely shocked and just wasn’t expecting it.

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