Crazy Hearts: Nashville Recap 1/15/13 – Season 1 Ep 1 “Look Out World I’m Coming”

By on January 16, 2014
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'crazy hearts nashville recap 1.15.13'

Crazy Hearts: Nashville is a new reality show premiering Wednesday, January 15 and Thursday, January 16 on the A&E network. The fact that it’s about aspiring country music singers and follows Duck Dynasty should tell you something and that is to expect a lot of beards, blonds and bourbon all served up Southern-fried style with plenty of breakups, bars and the belting out of twangy “You Dun Me Wrong” songs. Style-wise, I’m sure there with (a little) Jim Beam bourbon and the dark aviator sunglasses!

The show is narrated by “music journalist” Heather Byrd who appears in person as well as in voice-overs in which she reads out little gems like: “Nashville is a drinking town with a music problem.” Okay well, I guess it’s still five o’clock somewhere …

Your Dog is Not My Grandson

First up on the Wednesday night half of the two part premiere, we meet Lee Holyfield who Heather informs us is one of her best friends and also the daughter of Wayland Holyfield who’s written hit songs such as Anne Murray’s “Could I Have This Dance.” Lee is a gorgeous blonde with natural good looks and flowing hair. She cries a lot. A whole lot. She’s still in love with her ex, another regular on Crazy Hearts: Nashville, Leroy Powell, who has the Duck Dynasty standard long scraggly hair and matching beard. Lee’s famous songwriting dad, Wayland, tells her that she also has “the gift” of songwriting so she should do that instead of crying over Leroy. Yes, papa is right and I laugh when he also adds that he knows Lee wants to settle down and have kids as she’s nearly 30, but dammit stop calling your dog my grandson!

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