Dance Mom’s Abbie Lee Miller Wins Against Kelly Highland – Ordered to Stay Away

By on January 23, 2014

Dance Mom’s, Abbie Lee Miller and one of the moms on the reality series, Kelly Highland, have raised the drama on the television series and have brought their fighting to court.

'abbie miller wins in court with kelly highland'

Kelly Highland has been ordered to stay away from Abbie Lee Miller, after Miller accused the mom of assault and harassment. Highland is said to have struck Miller with her hand, causing bruising to her cheek. The reason for this alleged insanity? Kelly didn’t like that Abbie was bringing in other dancers on the show.

Highland’s attorney said that isn’t the reason but that Abbie Lee Miller is extremely aggressive and curt with her words. And just recently it got physical. Parents try to teach their children to use their words and avoid hitting others when they don’t like what they have said. It’s clear someone didn’t get that memo??

Miller said she brought Highland to court for the well being of her children, who she claims are in danger under Highland’s care.

What do you think about this drama? Now that they have gone to court, its clear that this is ‘reality.’

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  1. Hdelane

    February 26, 2014 at 4:03 am

    Abbie Lee Miller is a tyrant and a bully towards both the kid and their parents. She is just as guilty if not more than Kelly Highland in that ugly confrontation. Abby is cruel and seems to take delight in tearing down the kids and their parents. Is she encouraged to behave this way by the show’s producers in order to bring in more ratings? How desperate or the moms for fame to allow their children to be treated this way?

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