Intelligence Recap 1/13/14 – ‘Red X’

By on January 14, 2014
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Intelligence has quickly become the most watched new series this season. So how did the cyber-procedural kick off its second outing? Well, with a bang of course.

'intelligence recap 1.13.14'

Intelligence – It’s Just Geography

The episode opens up in Khost Province, Afghanistan in which one man is coaxing another to swallow a bunch of tiny red plastic balls in order to “get their attention.” Intrigued? The man who ingested the tiny plastic balls (which at this time can be safely assumed to be bombs) is taken into custody by U.S. soldiers for throwing rocks at their convoy. The unnamed bomb eater passes easily through security, before the entire base explodes.

Elsewhere Gabriel is longingly thinking back to 2007, a time when his missing-maybe-dead wife was very much alive. Sexy-time ensues briefly in order to A) remind us that Josh Holloway looks great without a shirt on, and to B) provide a credible foundation of Gabriel and Amelia’s affection for each other. Sexy-time is cut short by Amelia’s cell phone ringing to which Gabriel quips “who ever said we should be perpetually connected to the internet should be shot.”  (I for one enjoy a little heavy handed Irony now and then.) Amelia has just been actuated to India – she’s not only bummed, but considering leaving the agency. Gabriel doesn’t want her to change who she is and assures her that they’ll work it out. But we know better.

Gabriel is yanked out of memory lane by his bodyguard (and new neighbor), calling up to check on “America’s Favorite Super Weapon.”  Gabriel pries for personal information about Riley and she turns the conversation back on Amelia. All he allows is that when Amelia went undercover she went way under.

Back at the US Cyber Command it’s revealed that the explosion at the U.S. Marine base was the deadliest attack in two years, killing 12 marines and a Senator. The bomber, Zafar Hasani, and his brother, Malik Hasani, found a way to thwart military protocol; the Cyber Command team and Gabriel set off to find out how.

Intelligence – Decisions You Make When All Can Be Lost

Gabriel discovers that the bomb was coated in plastic. While Dr. Cassidy is figuring out how the Hasani brothers were able to happen upon plastic that can be safely ingested, Riley is trying to figure out what makes Strand tick. She questions Strand’s risky decisions making to which Strand all but responds with “go big or go home.”

On to the intelligence gathering: airport security catches surveillance of Malik Hasani catching a cab, Riley offers to call the cab company but Gabriel is all like “um excuse me, I have a micro-chip in my brain.”

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