The Real World: Ex-plosion Recap 1/8/14- Season 29, Ep. 1- Premiere

By on January 8, 2014
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“The Real World” has sustained itself for almost thirty seasons and twenty-two years. For season twenty-nine, they have returned to San Francisco, California but this time there is a twist…they are living with their exes! Hence, this is not “The Real World” followed by a country, town, city or state but rather “Ex-plosion.”


Here’s how this season will work! Okay, so the first seven roomies will move in together in San Francisco. They will get to know each other for a whole month then go away for a day trip. When they return, there will be five additional house mates as five out of seven exes have agreed to flip the switch and move in. The ages range from 21-26 and consist of Arielle, Ashley, Cory, Jamie, Jay, Jenny and Thomas. As to who will join them; that is still unknown.

The Real World: Ex-plosion Recap 2/5/14- Season 29, Ep.5

So, what would you do if you went away and your ex had moved in with you? We will see on the 29th season of “The Real World.”

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