Revenge Review 1/5/14 and Sneak Peek and Spoilers 1/12/14

By on January 6, 2014

Revenge returned after Emily was shot by her new husband, Daniel, on their wedding day.  Aiden was able to get Emily onto a boat, where the captain called for help, and Emily was brought to a hospital.

'revenge preview 1.12'

The official synopsis for the episode entitled, “Homecoming,” – As allies and enemies scramble to learn what happened the night of Emily’s wedding, the Graysons close ranks to protect their own. But when everyone’s a suspect, it’s only a matter of time before they tear each other apart, on “Revenge,” SUNDAY, JANUARY 5.

Emily managed to survive a gunshot wound and sent a signal to Aiden. While Aiden and Jack are searching for Emily, Jack confesses to Aiden that he gave Emily a deadline to end the charade. Needless to say, Aiden is not happy.

Conrad vouches for Daniel’s whereabouts at the time of the shooting. Meanwhile, the police are searching for the shooter. Victoria can’t vouch for her whereabouts at the time of the shooting. Victoria is an official person of interest. Victoria tells Patrick that Emily has been targeting her family for years.  She still hasn’t put all the pieces of the puzzle together and doesn’t realize Emily is Amanda Clarke.

Victoria is not allowed to visit Emily.  When Nolan tries to visit her, Victoria tells him he isn’t allowed.  Since Patrick is with Victoria, Nolan pleads with him to convince Victoria to allow him to visit with Emily.  Despite his pleas and revealing that they were together, Patrick stands by Victoria and tells Nolan he should leave.

Emily wakes up to Daniel by her bedside.  She can’t recall who she is and why she is in the hospital.

Nolan manages to get into the hospital files and sees that Emily has amnesia.  Aiden believes she is faking it – but is she?

Jack visits Margo and tries to get information about what happened at the wedding.  Margo saved photos from the wedding at the time of the shooting.

Meanwhile, Daniel learns that Sarah is okay and he is thrilled.  A lot happier about Sarah being alive than his own wife, Emily.

Aiden takes an ambulance to the hospital and just as Nolan is speaking with Aiden helping him get into the hospital unnoticed, Patrick interrupts the conversation. Nolan tells Patrick to leave. Aiden manages to get in Emily’s room but unfortunately, Emily doesn’t recognize him, panics and gets help from Charlotte and a mysterious nurse. Charlotte tells Emily she is imagining things and there was no man in the room.

Nolan researches Emily’s injuries and realizes that her amnesia could be psychological and wants Jack to help reach her but he refuses, saying he has done enough already.

Daniel visits Victoria and tells her he knows everything and then admits to shooting Emily. Victoria tells Daniel that Emily set him up. Daniel isn’t interested and wants to turn himself in. Meanwhile, Victoria pays a visit to Margo to see if she can help her to prove she is innocent. Margo gives Victoria photos from the boat, moments after Emily was shot. Victoria goes to Conrad and tells him he needs to set up his mistress, Lydia for the murder to protect Daniel. Conrad shows Lydia the photos and tells her he will protect her even though she obstructed justice. Unfortunately, Lydia doesn’t believe Conrad will protect her. She ends up leaving the hotel – and Conrad calls Victoria and tells her ‘it’s done.’

Conrad and Daniel get into a screaming match and Conrad tells his son that he gave up the love of his life for him.

Back at the hospital, Charlotte tries to jog Emily’s memory and while doing so, Emily says she remembers her father, David Clarke. Charlotte looks shocked. What will she do with this information? Charlotte tells Jack about Emily naming David Clarke as her father and Jack tells Charlotte he needs to visit Emily and see if he can help her. Emily tells Jack he feels familiar to her. Jack tells her she is the strongest person he knows. He gives her a necklace and tells her that it was Amanda’s and she was wearing it when she died and Emily was there. He apologizes to Emily and kisses her on the head. At that point, Emily gets a flashback of Amanda Clarke and then remembers that Daniel shot her.

The nurse for Emily tries to put something in Emily’s intravenous line. We learn it is someone Aiden knows very well, Nikko, who claims to be protecting her. She also reminds Aiden he owes her still.

Next week Emily finishes recovering from her gunshot wounds at the Grayson’s home. In “Endurance,” Emily is physically and mentally broken, Emily finds herself more lost than ever while her enemies circle closer. But one game changing revelation will ignite a new path of destruction. Meanwhile, Daniel continues to pursue his one true love, Sarah. Will he succeed? We will be recapping the show live, so be sure to come back next week and see what happens real time.

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