Revenge Review and Recap 1/19/14 – Spoilers 3/9/14

By on January 20, 2014
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Revenge’s, episode entitled, Hatred, left us all wanting more until the show returns on March 9th.

'revenge recap 1.19.14'

Revenge – Nolan and Patrick

Nolan did not take well to being duped once again by Patrick, Victoria’s son.  Patrick’s last visit left Nolan assaulted and the important infiniti box stolen.  Nolan’s revenge is showing Patrick a police report from 1974.  The report shows that someone besides Victoria Grayson was looking for him.  It was his father.  Unfortunately,  his father was turned away from the orphanage and was cited for trespassing.  Patrick was sent to live with another family.

Patrick is furious with Victoria and insists he will find his father.  With or without her.  We learn that Patrick’s life was not a tale of ‘happily ever after.’  His adoptive mother died when he was four and he was rejected by his father and his new wife, making him feel unlovable.

Patrick finds out that he was the product of rape. Victoria was raped by Patrick’s father, Jimmy, when she was 15. Jimmy stalked Victoria until she gave him up for adoption and she went to Paris. Victoria claims she didn’t want to tell him about his father because of how he was conceived.  Patrick is so angry about his father, he sets fire to the art gallery.

Revenge – Emily Spews Hate at Daniel

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