Scarlett Johansson on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart 1/9/14

By on January 10, 2014
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Scarlett Johansson stopped by Thursday’s new Daily Show, and Jon Stewart dished out on unemployment benefits and Chris Christie’s new scandal.

Unemployment benefits were temporarily suspended recently, until Congress could agree on a deal to keep them funded. Naturally, conservative talk shows and pundits took offense to the benefits being continued. Jon Stewart showed a lengthy montage of newscasters and analysts calling those on unemployment “freeloaders,” “takers” and even “sucking at the state’s teet,” said by Charles Krauthammer. FOX News even had a cheap looking graphic of a giant fist punching the middle of the country, and the words “Entitlement Nation.”

Some conservative politicians have offered solutions to offering benefits. One of the more creative (and perhaps terrifying ones) came from Mitch McConnell, who offered to take away healthcare in place of unemployment benefits. This led to, as it always does, Stewart’s hilarious McConnell impersonation, saying how money should be given to rich people.

The main solution to unemployment, Stewart argued, is to raise the minimum wage. But the same conservative pundits and show hosts were even more against this idea. Stewart played some familiar clips of people criticizing minimum wage as only helping unworthy teens and destroying the economy. The argument is that people need to get up and get jobs and not worry about minimum wage. One last clip was from Fox and Friends, with special guest Dean Cain. Cain said he didn’t want to star in a lot of the movies he does but he needs the paycheck. When a couple people abuse unemployment, conservatives want to end the whole program. The same doesn’t apply for Wall Street criminals, Stewart noted.

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