The Taste Recap 1/2/14 “The Auditions” Season Premiere Season 2 Episode 1

By on January 3, 2014
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the taste

‘The Taste’ season 2 premiered on Thursday night!!

There are only 16 spots for cooks in this cooking competition that is judged by 4 celebrity chefs. The celebrity judges and mentors are Anthony Bourdain, Nigella Lawson, Ludo Lefebvre and Marcus Samuelsson. Professional chefs and home chefs need to prove in just one bite that they belong on the “Mentors” teams. The mentors are only allowed to pick four cooks to join their teams. The cooks have one hour to complete one show plate and four identical bites. The mentors will taste each plate blind without knowing who make it. They decide who they want on their team based on the taste of the food.

First cook is Jeff Kawakami a caterer from Hollywood California who has been working in restaurants for 16 years. Cooking has helped him pull his life together after drug problems. He decided to cook deconstructed bacon fried rice, using quail eggs, soy sauce, and crispy rice cake for his competition dish for the mentors. He really likes Nigella and is afraid his food may be too simple. Anthony Bourdain calls his dish “Hipster” and the decision is locked in when they call Jeff back in the room for their response. Nigella and Ludo both said yes so Jeff needed to choose and he picked Ludo because he thinks he will push him more. Even Jeff was shocked by his choice.

The spotlight is on Anthony Bourdain and Nigella says that “Tony is the Keith Richards of food.” He started out at the restaurant business when he was seventeen and has been working and writing about food ever since. Nigella Lawson is described as the natural home cook who is a diva. She started out as a journalist but loves flavor. Ludo Lefebvre has a hot restaurant in Los Angeles and has pop up restaurants. He has a temper and an enthusiasm that is great for the camera. Marcus Samuelsson worked in France and has a popular restaurant in Harlem.

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