The Taste Recap 1/9/14 “My Life on a Plate” Season 2 episode 2

By on January 10, 2014
the taste

the taste

After the long auditions from The Taste last week the judges have created their teams of four cooks each. The celebrity judges and mentors are Anthony Bourdain, Nigella Lawson, Ludo Lefebvre and Marcus Samuelsson and tonight their kitchens will go head to head. Two cooks will be eliminated from the show in this cooking competition.

Each judge is acting as a mentor and giving their cooks the aprons and talking them up about the competition. When they get in the kitchen the judges say that two cooks will be eliminated every week – One after the team challenge and one after a solo challenge. Edward Lee is a guest mentor for the night and a super accomplished American chef.

The team challenge for the day is “My life on a plate” and will be judged blindly by Edward Lee. The winning team will win a lesson from Chef Lee and the losing team has to eliminate one person. Each week the mentors will show their teams a demonstration to help them with their challenge. Chef Nigella is showing her team how to cook chicken soup that has meatballs. Her tip to them is to cook the meatballs first. Chef Marcus teaches his team how to make a multicultural dish of smoked salmon using collards and mustard to coat the salmon. Chef Anthony was teaching them how to make a soup that he loved when he was abroad. He wanted them to make a soup that they also loved. Chef Ludo was telling them to make meat and vegetables however they like. He taught them how to make a chicken skin crispy by basting it often like every hour. Ludo was in shock when one of his cooks on his team would not try his chicken because she was a vegetarian.

Ludo’s team is cooking meat and he is very happy to help them out. He thinks that Jack is organized and a pro chef. He clearly already has a favorite on his team and one not so favorite would be the vegan Cassandra. He is very upset she doesn’t know how to butler a kitchen and tries to show her. She tries some of her chicken to make Ludo feel better and he is thrilled. But he thought her mashed potatoes were too grainy and not good.

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