Watch Ellen DeGeneres Surprise Portia de Rossi with a New Car

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Ellen and portia car

Ellen DeGeneres shared on her daytime talk show Friday, how she surprised her wife, Portia de Rossi with a $160,000 Land Rover Defender this Christmas.

During a segment of her show titled Celebrity Christmas Stories,  Ellen told the sweet story of how she managed to surprise Portia with her dream car.

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‘I’m excited to share this story,’ said the 55-year-old comedian to her audience. ‘This year, I wanted to surprise Portia with her gift, and normally I give it away in some kind of way.  I got her a car. That was easy. But I had to hide it in the attic…which was not easy. It was a car she really, really wanted and was obsessed with this car. It’s pretty rare. Here it is: It’s a Toyota Corrola,’ said Ellen.  In the video below,  Ellen goes on to explain how Portia loves The Defender and how she surprised her with one of her very own.

The happy couple have been dating since 2004 and were married in August 2008 in Beverly Hills.

Watch how Ellen surprises Portia on page 2!!

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