2014 Cancelled Television Shows

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The networks have spoken and have been announcing, in bits and pieces, television series that have been cancelled.

'fall 2013 cancelled tv shows'

The television season seems to be a moving target, with television series beginning and ending along with the four seasons, making it nearly impossible to keep up.  Especially since some television shows are only ordered for six or twelve episodes and some only make it two episodes before being cancelled.

We have gathered the latest television shows that have been cancelled or will be ending in 2014.

Check out the list on the next page.  We will be updating it as announcements are made and more shows are cancelled.

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One Response to 2014 Cancelled Television Shows

  1. Keba says:

    Tomorrow People than Secret Circle Star Cross Put Ringer back on or put it on a another Network F X I F C channel it not fair these good shows got to cancel us viewer should be able to vote to keep our favorite shows

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