American Idol XIII 2014 Recap 2/20/14 – Who Are the Top 13?

By on February 20, 2014
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Contestant: CJ
Song: “Bring It Home To Me” by Sam Cooke
Performance Notes: I didn’t love this, but I didn’t think this was a horrible performance…
Judges’ Notes: But Harry didn’t like it, at all. He pointed out that the performance started off with the band screwing up (not CJ’s fault, obviously) and just went down hill from there. Jennifer said she still felt the “specialness” in his voice, while Keith seemed to agree with Harry saying that CJ’s performance “drifted in and out.”

Contestant: Jena
Song: Original Composition
Performance Notes: This is such a great song, and I love seeing Jena perform with the piano!
Judges’ Notes: Keith said that it was “a really good use of that moment,” and such a good decision to show that she can really sing and play. He also commented that she managed to keep herself on track even when the crowd was going wild, which shows a maturity and professionalism.

Contestant: Spencer
Song: Original Composition
Performance Notes: Oh this is lovely – very John Mayer meets Boy Band. One Direction, perhaps?
Judges’ Notes: Jennifer said they wanted to give him another chance because “they saw something in him from the very beginning,” and she isn’t sure that this performance was the right choice.

Contestant: Bria
Song: “It’s A Man’s Man’s World” by Etta James
Performance Notes: I am in love with this performance, and if the judges don’t gush over it then I am going to call a conspiracy! (Although she could probably stand to work on her annunciation.)
Judges’ Notes: Harry said that he was very focused on trying to figure out what he loved and didn’t love, and while he said that she “definitely sang for her life,” he also thought it was “all over the place” and felt that she “over shot the mark.” Ouch!

Contestant: Kristen
Song: “Unconditionally” by Katy Perry
Performance Notes: I think her vocals were only alright, and her performance as a whole (movement, etc) wasn’t great… at all. However, she rocked the harem pants and crop top look!
Judges’ Notes: Keith said that it was “a really good performance of that song,” but did advise that she should consider singing a bit higher, since it seemed that she was struggling to keep the key where it was and she could “have liberated it.”

And now – it’s time to find out which three of the five contestants will make it through as the wildcard contestants!

Judges’ Wildcards
1. Jena
2. Kristen
3. CJ

And to recap, the contestants that had already made it through – thanks to America’s votes – were…

America’s Vote
1. Malaya
2. Ben
3. Emily
4. Alex
5. Jessica
6. Dexter
7. Caleb
8. Majesty
9. MK
10. Sam

And that’s that! Be sure to come back next week and see how your favorites do!

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