Andi Dorfman Dumps and Tells The Bachelor Juan Pablo Off

By on February 25, 2014

Going into the romantic dates on The Bachelor with Juan Pablo we knew it was going to be dramatic and explosive – especially with Andi Dorfman, one of the final three women.

'andi dorfman'

Andi realized after the overnight date that she just wasn’t feeling it for Juan.  She realized that all Juan Pablo thinks about is Juan Pablo.  She feels that Juan Pablo doesn’t have a filter and doesn’t think about what he is saying before he says it and as a result he ends up hurting people’s feelings.  So how did Andi handle the situation?

Andi told Juan Pablo.  She said, “you know why I came here (meaning The Bachelor). I came here to find love. I actually feel that way. I got to feel things that I never felt before. I had great times with you, I was giddy and excited. I never felt that way before. Going to the fantasy suite and waking up the next morning, I realized I wasn’t in love with you and I wasn’t going to be and despite all the great feelings and great adventures, it wasn’t going to work.”

Juan responded to Andi by saying, ‘It’s fine. It’s okay.’ Andy tells him it shouldn’t just be okay and it’s not okay. She tells him she left behind family, friends and she really put herself out there.

In the diary room, Andi told the camera that after the fantasy suite, Juan knew very little about her. He didn’t ask her one thing about herself and she has no idea why Juan was there? She didn’t feel as though he was there for love. That seems to be the overall opinion this season.

Andi tells him she will die if she has to hear him say again, ‘it’s okay.’ She also tells him he hurt her feelings when he said she was there by default and she barely made it there. Yikes – Juan, what on earth are you thinking??

She told Juan exactly how she felt – he knows nothing about her and she realizes that it just wasn’t going to work with them.

Andi seemed as though she was looking for an argument – and Juan Pablo really just doesn’t get it. Is it a language difference or is Juan just really in this for the fame?  Or is it possible that Juan Pablo is really just a big jerk.  Read here and find out.

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