The Bachelor Preview 2/10/14 Spoilers – Week 6 Who Is Eliminated

By on February 3, 2014
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The Bachelor and the eight remaining bachelorettes are heading to New Zealand. After an amazing week in Vietnam, Juan Pablo was faced with eliminating three women. It wasn’t an easy decision but he has to decide on who will be his final one. Juan had regrets about his private time in the ocean with Clare and told her how he felt. It resulted in a lot of tears for Clare. We have the complete recap here!

In New Zealand, Juan has two one on one dates and a group date. His one on one dates are with Andi and Clare. The two women who need reassurance that all is well with them and Juan Pablo, but for completely different reasons.

During Juan’s date with Andi they went walking through canyons with waterfalls and thermal springs followed by dinner. In the promos we see Andi enjoying her time with Juan Pablo, so it’s no surprise that she got a rose.

On the group date, Juan takes six women – Kat, Cassandra, Nikki, Chelsie, Sharleen, and Renee on a picnic, where they played rugby, and went zorbing, where they rolled down hills in giant balls. They had their after party at the Lord of the Rings house. During the after party, Juan Pablo asked to speak to Cassandra and eliminated her. Sharleen received the group date rose. Is this the first time that Nikki didn’t receive the group rose?

For the next one on one date it’s Juan and Clare. Clare stays another week and gets a rose on their one on one date.

Keep reading to see what two women were eliminated?

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