The Bachelor Preview 2/17/14 – Spoilers – Sharleen Goes Home – Who Else Leaves? Week 7

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The Bachelor with Juan Pablo, continues with the final six women. The final six women, Nikki, Sharleen, Andi, Clare, Renee and Chelsie, are heading to Juan Pablo’s hometown of Miami.

'juan pablo the bachelor'

Following Clare and Juan Pablo’s ocean escapades, we were all curious, whether Clare would last another week. In an interview with Clare, where she denied having sex with the hunky bachelor, she seemed angry and over Juan Pablo, but the show reveals another side of the incident.   Juan Pablo apologized for his behavior and everything was good between the couple. The sexual chemistry between Juan and Clare is insane and Juan always manages to end up in his hotel room with her.   Is this just an odd coincidence?

Keep reading to see what happens in Miami.

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