The Bachelor Recap 2/3/14 – Spoilers – Who Was Eliminated – Week 5

By on February 3, 2014
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The Bachelor, Juan Pablo, is heading to Vietnam with the 11 remaining women and will eliminate 3 women, bringing the number of women down to eight by the end of the episode.

'juan pablo and nikki - the final 2'

Vietnam becomes the romantic backdrop for Juan Pablo and the 11 remaining bachelorettes to continue their search for love. Renee is overjoyed when she is picked for a one-on-one date, but will she get the opportunity to tell the Latin heartthrob how she really feels? Nine women board Vietnamese bamboo circle boats for the adventure of a lifetime, but jealousy and resentment rear their ugly head when Juan Pablo appears to spend more time with one of the women than the rest. However, when he singles out Clare for some extended alone time, he is asking for trouble. Nikki is traumatized when she discovers that she and the Bachelor must rappel down 100 feet into a dark cave named Hell. There are plenty of tears from the women – and even the Bachelor – during a powerful and emotional rose ceremony, on “The Bachelor,” MONDAY, FEBRUARY 3rd.

Juan Pablo and Renee Go on a one-on-one date:
Juan thinks that he and Renee have a lot in common – they are both 32, they both have children and they both want more children. A match made in heaven.
Renee and Juan Pablo act like two giddy teenagers as they explore the picturesque city of Hoi An, stopping to buy gifts and soaking up the culture hand-in-hand. Renee gets a special surprise as the Bachelor takes her to a shop where she is fitted for a tailor-made dress to wear to their romantic dinner together. Renee is hot and Juan is so sweet, he runs across the street and buys a hand fan to cool her off.

Juan and Renee bought gifts for their children.

A romantic dinner for two, where Juan and Renee continue to talk. Renee reveals she feels like a little kids when she is around Juan Pablo. Renee tells Juan that she was married for a couple of years when she was 23 and they just grew a part.

Juan gives Renee the rose and of course, she accepts it and is thrilled to pieces. Although she is still waiting for a kiss from Juan Pablo.

Keep reading to see what happens on the group date and then of course, there is Clare.

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