Does Blake Shelton Have a Drinking Problem? Causing Marriage Problems with Miranda Lambert

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Does Blake Shelton have a drinking problem?  Is Miranda Lambert’s new clean, healthy life style causing problems in the country star’s marriage?

'does blake shelton have a drinking problem'

Miranda Lambert has dropped 40 pounds in the past year, thanks to a healthier life style. She seems to have also changed her attitude – no more staying up until all hours of the night drinking and partying.  Unfortunately, her husband, may not be on board with the healthier way of living and according to OK Magazine this has caused fierce fighting between the two.  According to a source, Miranda has told Blake,

‘he needs to grow and mature with her or she is leaving him behind.’

In the past, Blake has been open about his drinking, even tweeting while drunk.  Saying things like, ‘I’m so drunk right now, I defrosted my cat… the microwave.’

This wouldn’t be the first time that a spouse has lost weight and a marriage has fallen apart.  Then again, the source this story comes from is questionable, leaving us all wondering, is there any truth to the rumors of marital or drinking problems?

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