Castle Recap 2/3/14 — Season 6 Ep 14 ‘Dressed to Kill’

By on February 4, 2014
castle 4

castle 4

Castle this week is about the fashion industry and very much takes a cue from “The Devil Wears Prada” and/or the real life Vogue magazine editor on which this film was based. I half expected Meryl Streep to appear, but Frances Fisher (“Touch” and the upcoming TV Series, “Resurrection”) did! Plus, we learn a little about Kate Beckett’s modeling background and see her model a fairytale dress, so let’s get recapping!

Dumpster Divas

Two young, budget fashionistas are looking for fabric scraps and discarded clothing in the dumpsters of New York’s Garment District, when they find something that’s definitely not fashionable: a dead body! It turns out to be the body of a 26 year old woman named Ella Hayes who was an assistant to the famous “Dragon Lady” editor of the Vogue-like ‘Modern Fashion’ magazine. The murder weapon? — a blue alpaca scarf.

Rick Castle and Kate Beckett are on the case and they interview Ella’s roommate who attests to Ella’s love of the world of design. Ella aspired to become a fashion designer and worked on her sketches a lot. The tough as nails editor of Modern Fashion, Matilda King, knows nothing of Ella’s sketches, but only that, as an assistant, she did not schedule Matilda’s meetings correctly. This caused mix-ups and late arrivals for important meetings for Matilda, so Ella was fired. Another assistant, Grace, also got fired in the mess and Grace and Ella had a hands-on fight that was caught by a photographer that day. We get to see how Matilda treats her assistants as she does the exact same ‘coat throw on the assistant’s desk’ that Meryl Streep’s character does in “The Devil Wears Prada.”

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