Criminal Minds Recap 2/5/14 – “200”

By on February 6, 2014
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Criminal minds 2

Happy 200th episode Criminal Minds! In the continuation of this story, the episode opens with two Pakistani men, they are carrying JJ into a room. The camera focuses on a steel briefcase and a close-up of a medical needle. One of the men places a handcuffed JJ in a chair. She is drowsy but still able to see her unsub a bald, Pakistani man named Tevin Escard, as he injects the needle in her arm.

Flashback to US Operative Camp, Afghanistan- October 20, 2010
Chief Strauss is welcoming JJ to the camp. She introduces JJ to Mateo Cruz, Michael Hastings and Tevin Escard. These men are US Military task force assigned to find Bin Laden. After the introductions, a female Pakistani named Nadia, is escorted by JJ. She inquires about this woman, who looks to be disheveled. Hastings responds, she is the wife of an informant man, who they’re looking for in their search to find Bin Laden. They escort Nadia into a room.

Present Day – BAU Headquarters, Hotch is met by JJ’s husband, who is holding Henry. He begins to tell Hotch, if anything ever happens to her Mateo Cruz will know where she is. As Hotch instructs an agent to place Henry and Will into protective custody, he walks into the conference room, where Garcia is sitting in front of her computer, and on her cell phone. She hangs up when Hotch walks over to her. The two begin the process of trying to find what happened to JJ. Hotch and Garcia learn that JJ met Cruz during her stint at the State Department. Few moments later, the BAU team realize that Cruz is missing as well.

Meanwhile, Cruz has been escorted into the same small room where JJ is being held captive. She is still handcuffed and hanging from a chain. Her mouth is gagged. By now, Cruz has been beaten-up. Escard’s men continue to pour water on Cruz, so he will talk. He doesn’t reveal any classified code words to Escard’s men. Since Cruz will not talk, Escard’s men place a towel over JJ’s face and begin to pour water. Cruz still does not reveal his secret codes.

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