Drake Bell Files For Bankruptcy

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Nickelodeon star, Drake Bell is broke. At least that’s what court documents say.

'Drake Bell Bankrupt'

According to TMZ, the 27-year-old actor, best known for his role as Drake Parker in the Nickelodeon series Drake & Josh, has filed for bankruptcy.

In his recent filing, Bell cited his debt at $581,000, and his monthly income around $2,820. So for those curious and for mathematics sake, that means in order to pay back his debt alone, the young star would have to forfeit his income for the next 18 years!

But since that’s not very practical, especially given Bell’s claims that his expenses (lifestyle spending) are close to $19,000, the actor has instead filed for bankruptcy.

Bad news, right? It gets worse.

To paint a more descriptive picture for you, Bell has listed his home’s value at $1.575 million, but owes $1.597 million on it. To say he’s underwater is an understatement. No pun intended.

While Drake’s 2012 paycheck brought in an impressive $408,000, his 2013 bankroll was only $14,099. The actor who’s been lending his voice to several characters as well as focusing on a career in music, has a LOT of catching up to do.

We wish him the best of luck.

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