George Clooney’s Top 6 Practical Jokes

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Brad Pitt -¬† After Brad had sent a memo to the crew of a movie George was working on, suggesting that Clooney had insisted on being referred to by his character name (Danny), Clooney got revenge with a couple of bumper stickers on Pitt’s car. The first read, “I’m gay and I vote.” The second read, “Small Penis on Board.” “People were honking at him and waving and Brad thought it was because he’s Brad Pitt and he waved back.

Sandra Bullock – George Clooney tricked her into jumping in a pool. She said, “I went to the bathroom and came out and there was George and someone else with just their pants on going, ‘We’re gonna go in the pool,’ and I was like, ‘Really?’And so I held their hands and on the count of three, and in slow motion I see Nicole Kidman with a stack of towels … and I jump, and they let go, and I go in the pool.” ¬†Unfortunately, she was the only one.

Julia Roberts – While working on Ocean 11, George Clooney put giant potted trees in front of her door so she couldn’t get out and was late for work.

Don’t mess with George Clooney, he has a great deal of patience and has spent many hours and waited years to get back at people.

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