Photos: Lil Kim is Pregnant – Who is the Baby Daddy?

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Lil Kim debuted her baby bump at The Blonds fashion show as part of Mercedes Benz Fashion week in New York City on February 12, 2014. Exiting her car, with her bodyguard carrying her, was part of the big reveal.

lil kim (2)

Lil’ Kim took to the stage at the after party to announce her pregnancy,
okim-is-pregnant-2014132″ target=”_blank”>I’m a mom, but I can turn it up a little!” she said as she rubbed her belly.”

As for the baby daddy? For now, Kim has yet to reveal the identity with speculation her most recent boyfriend, professional boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., could have something to do with the baby bump.

We have photos of Lil Kim on the next page.

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3 Responses to Photos: Lil Kim is Pregnant – Who is the Baby Daddy?

  1. Demetress Thomas says:

    Congratulations to LiL Kim and good luck. And stop getting the lifts they are not working for you.

  2. Demetress Thomas says:

    WOW she look so different, I hope she’s through with the surgery cause it ain’t for everybody. But congrads to LiL Kim everybody deserves to bring a beautiful baby in the world if they would like to.

  3. white Swan says:

    Ye Gods!

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