Scandal Recap 2/27/14 – Spring Premiere ‘Ride Sally Ride’

By on February 27, 2014
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Anonymous texts are circulating about the death of Daniel Douglas, Sally Langston’s late husband. Why was their no autopsy? The texts are sent under the alias, “Publius”. We can only guess as to what that means.

In attempts to do damage control, Abby finds herself on a talk should with Leo Bergen, Sally’s campaign runner. The conversation seems to be going in a direction that Abby has some control over, but Abby is quickly caught off guard when Leo brings up the Fitz-Olivia allegations. Why would Fitz hire a woman formerly accused of being his mistress? And even if another woman was already outed as such, who’s to say he didn’t have more than one? The press take this story and run with it, and suddenly it’s all anyone can talk about, overshadowing the disgrace of what Sally is doing or even any creeping suspicions about her husband.

Leo later confronts Cyrus to talk strategy, because they need to be more or less playing on the same team. Cyrus, upon hearing about the autopsy rumours, decides to take matters into his own hand. He knows that if Sally goes down for Daniel, so will he (and Fitz, naturally). So there’s a lot at stake.

As this is going on, Charlie and Quinn are in the middle of happy couple shopping for tools. No doubt to use as supplies for their torture stash. Of course, they tell the friendly sales associate that they’re putting together a bookshelf. It’s at that moment that Charlie gets a call from Cyrus, with a job for him to do, and soon he and Quinn are off.

The next thing we see is Quinn at a new low. She approaches a little boy, pretending to be a friend of his mom, and seems to be contentedly kidnapping now? What is going on?

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